The Cast

Main Cast:

vincentprofile2 Vincent: The editor, the producer, the web designer, the audio/video guy, and the creator. Vincent created his little baby, ‘The Nightcap Show’ back in 2014. During the day he is a cook in Maplewood, MO. The studio is located at his house in Illinois, which he shares with his girlfriend and two dogs.

jimmyprofileJimmy: Jimmy brings his comedy, his sensibility, and his impressions to the world of podcasting! Jimmy is a graduate of Greenville College in Illinois. He works as an engineer for the government, and his hobbies include making beer, cooking, and eating pizza.

camdenprofileCamden: Camden is the loud one of the group, bringing his deep, booming voice to the microphone. He enjoys playing video games, watching anime, and drinking beer, soda, whiskey, what-have-you. He usually sports a bushy beard. He works at a Casino in St. Charles, MO.

roundlogotransOscar: Oscar is our official correspondent from Mexico. I mean, he is really from California, but will almost exclusively drink Mexican beer on the show and helps us to understand various Mexican traditions and customs. But without him, we wouldn’t know of some of the best food and the best beer on the planet. He works in construction.

roundlogotransAustin: It’d be hard to stay on a sensible conversation without Austin, the guy who helps bring us from topic to topic, no matter how much the others interrupt him. Austin is obsessed with aliens and the paranormal, enjoys playing video games and watching movies, and works in the airplane industry.

patrickprofilePatrick: Though Patrick doesn’t say much on or off the show, when he does, it is comedy gold. Proud of his Irish heritage, Patrick loves drinking beer and whiskey. He lives across the state border away from most of the cast, working at his local National Tire & Battery.

roundlogotransBrandon: Obnoxiously sarcastic; two words that can sum up Brandon best. If you want order, this is NOT the guy. He will do whatever, however, whenever to throw things off the norm. He works as a professional cook at a steakhouse in St. Charles, MO, living in the area as well.

roundlogotransCassie: The only current female of the show, Cassie joined has been a listener since the beginning. She tends to bring order rather than chaos, but can sometimes be a wildcard. She seems to have some sort of robotic liver, and can handle her alcohol better than most of the other hosts.

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